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For TCIS community, we will also be selling tickets offline on the campus! 티켓은 학교 내에서도 판매되고 있습니다.


Speakers- 연설자 소개

Seoyoung Kim

Seoyoung is a current junior at TCIS with chromesthesia. She has lived in the US for 7 years and has come back to Korea. Chromesthesia is a type of synesthesia in which heard sounds automatically and involuntarily evoke an experience of color. For the purpose of disambiguation, this article will refer to this chromesthesia in inducer-concurrent terms used to describe other forms of synesthesia.


Ms. Cruz

Ms. Crus is a current special education student at one of the well-known universities in the Philippines. She is studying special education called PE with special needs. She is also a national speed skating team captain. She will be talking about breaking barriers based on her experience.

Mr. Kaiser

Mr. Kaiser is a mechanical engineering student with a hobby of collecting postcards. He wants to share his story of his childhood and how he struggled through problems. Not only his childhood, but he will also present a brief overview of his life from young age throughout high school to present. His inspiring stories will be able to reach out to your heart.


Mr. Benjamin Kask and Ms. Daisy Kim

Mr. Kask teaches economics and Christian education at SFS. He wants to share the story of the slavery system in history and current slavery systems. Eventually, he will introduce how can we bring this issue to light and what can we do to help them.

Ms. Kim is a professional accountant and wants her life to be a voice for the unheard, especially for the millions trapped in modern slavery, including but not limited to sex trafficking, bride trafficking, child soldiers, child slavery, domestic slavery, slavery in supply chains, mistreatment of migrant workers, etc. Orphans are the most vulnerable victims of social injustice and she is currently one of the mentors in a college scholarship program for orphans in Korea. She is also a freelance guest speaker for universities and schools where she believes bringing awareness to our future leaders will help them make better decisions when they grow up to be in influential positions. She also loves traveling and enjoys good food.


She is a current 8th grader at TCIS. Despite her young age, she seized this opportunity to share her story of breaking barriers in front of public. She will talk about how she strives to push herself beyond her limits and how she struggled when she wasn’t able to. Her message will be how viewpoints and expectations cannot value who you are as a person.



How to find us - 찾아오시는 길

대전광역시 유성구 용산2로 77 대전외국인학교 (34035)

* 77 Yongsan 2-ro, Yuseong, Daejeon, South Korea (34035)

* 주차 가능

* Parking Available

* 테크노밸리 11.12단지 정류장 (대전버스): 705, 802, 712, 918, 첨단1, 유성 마을버스1

* 한국방송통신대학교 정류장 (대전버스): 918, 첨단1

* Techno-Valley 11.12 Apartment Complex (Daejeon Bus): 705, 802, 712, 918, Chum-dan 1, Yuseong Maeul Bus 1

* Korea National Open University (Daejeon Bus): 918, Chum-dan1